Vampire-Vampire Relationships

In the first two chapters of Economics of the Undead, “Human Girls and Vampire Boys, Parts 1 and 2,” I emphasize the long-term problems that may arise in relationships with a mortality mismatch.  As I note in the concluding paragraph of Part 2:

Simply put, the mortal-immortal pairing is not a sustainable relationship model. Without conversion, every such pairing is doomed by the eventuality of death. And besides, if a vampire loves his human partner enough to stay with her to the bitter end, why not give her the gift of immortality instead? A human girl might rationally wonder why her lover would refuse her that precious gift. As human-vampire relationships become increasingly common, we should not be surprised to see “turning ceremonies” emerge as the ultimate signal of undying commitment.

But… what happens next?  Do vampire-vampire relationships raise issues distinct from human-human relationships?  In two-vampire marriages, the phrase “Til Death Do Us Part” isn’t quite the exit clause that it is in a two-human pairing.  But in other respects, long-term vampire-vampire matches may not differ that much from human-human ones — as this excellent video suggests (sorry, WordPress doesn’t support embedding for MSN Video):

Weird Things All Vampire Couples Do

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