Vampires and Other Bloodsuckers

U by Kotex is using bloodsuckers to advertise bloodsuckers.  The feminine product line is financing Carmilla, described as a “quirky Canadian vampire web series” based on the classic novella by Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu.  Here is episode one:

An introductory video for the web series helpfully informs us that vampires have periods.  Indeed, the immortal Carmilla says she’s had over 4000 of them; I guess menopause is not a thing for the undead.  Given the intense brand loyalty associated with feminine hygiene products (“women rarely change brands after their 20s,” says one article), their suppliers would be wise to target the vampire demographic.  Also, given how much blood is involved in a vampire’s daily existence, I have to think even male vampires might find other uses for these highly absorbent products.

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