Zombie Preparedness: Transport Edition

My feed brings news of not one, but two varieties of post-apocalyptic transportation.  First, 4WD Hardware, a purveyor of Jeep parts and accessories, is holding a contest to determine the optimal components of a “zombie slayer Jeep.”  Here’s the video:

Second, motorized bicycle maker Motoped brings us the Motoped Survival Bike Black Ops edition — a solid effort to prove that “badass moped” isn’t the oxymoron it sounds like:  “The Motoped Survival Bike has a custom frame and gas tank, a rear rack and a gas can. Optional accessories include multitools, ropes, an axe and even a crossbow.”

So which of these vehicles is the better bet for the zombie apocalypse?  I think it’s the moped, hands down.  The Jeep will be useless if gasoline runs out during the end times, whereas the moped gives you the option of pedaling.  Plus, the moped will be much more useful in maneuvering tight situations, riding through trees, going down stairs, and so forth.  The Jeep offers more storage capacity, of course, but without gasoline it’s just an immobile storage unit.  In any case, during the apocalypse you should travel light:  put less stuff in your backpack, more stuff in your head.

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